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Talent is the key to executing a successful strategy in 2019, but misalignment can derail your strategy. This year’s team may not be next year’s team, so market-leading CEO’s are implementing succession planning across the board. Download SBI’s Q4 CEO Research Report to find out why talent should be on the top of your agenda for 2019.



Introducing SBI’s Executive Briefing Center – The Studio

The Studio was designed exclusively for teams with aggressive growth goals, little time to waste, and a lot on the line. As a guest of The Studio, you’ll get unlimited access to SBI’s CEO, Partners, and our handpicked team of experts. Together we’ll focus on making your number by getting a months of work done in just eight hours. It’s an amplified experience that you can only get in one place: The Studio.


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Will You Hit Your Number This Year?

Market leaders outpace the competition by doing things differently than the status quo. We call these unique approaches Emerging Best Practices. These powerful differentiators are the difference between making your number or missing your target. Are you leveraging emerging best practices in your business? Take the Revenue Growth Diagnostic to find out how you stack up.


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The 2019 Revenue Growth Methodology

It’s difficult to grow revenue faster than your industry and faster than your competitors. SBI’s Revenue Growth Methodology allows you to accelerate your rate of revenue growth. It does this by getting the functional strategies of sales, pricing, marketing, product management, and human resources into alignment with the CEO’s strategy and the external marketplace.


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Sales Strategy
How to Settle the Battle over Organizational Structure – Where Do the AM and CSM Fit?
Investment by B2B firms into a Customer Success function continues to outpace all other roles.  Growth in Customer Success positions in 2018 was more than 80% above 2017 levels.  Leadership continues to place their confidence and budget into Customer Success...
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Sales Strategy
Implementing an Advocacy Process as Part of Customer Success
Advocacy is on fire!  Why? Because harnessing passion from advocates is an authentic way to drive customer intimacy and revenue growth.  Research from the Demand Gen Report shared that as much as 84% of buyers seek input from their peers...
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Talent Strategy
Hiring Additional Sales Reps is Not the Only Way to Make Your Number in 2019
Entering 2019 your organization has aggressive revenue goals. You are on the hook to deliver a human capital recommendation that can support the aggressive plan. You revisit a familiar framework that has always proved helpful in the past- People, Process,...
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Marketing Strategy
SBI's October 2018 CMO Newsletter
Reconstructing a Marketing Organization from Start to Finish Chief Marketing Officer demonstrates how she transformed a marketing organization to help her company achieve a successful exit strategy…     Design Thinking, Empathy, and the Ideal Customer Experience Design Including customers in the design process...
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