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Continuing to run business day to day is the best thing we can all do to support our economy, each other, and the employees that work for our respective companies. In the spirit of that mission, we launched a LinkedIn Group to facilitate the exchange of ideas on how to keep a revenue organization running in light of the drastic changes that need to be made under the prevailing circumstances.


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Go-To-Market Strategy
How Market Leading CEOs Use Data to Drive Dynamic Revenue Planning
Back in the fall, my colleague Tony Erickson wrote about the unique challenges of planning for 2021 and referenced the need to make smarter bets, and used casino imagery to drive the point home.  Included in that article was a...
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Go-To-Market Strategy
3 Pillars of a Differentiated Customer Experience
No company sets out to deliver a poor customer experience. That said, many firms have struggled to meet the changing demands of the post-COVID customer journey, and those that adapt successfully to these shifting needs will be positioned to recover...
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Market Research
Survey Results: How Market Leaders Respond to a 33% Drop in New Logo Revenue
Most companies earn the majority of their revenue from existing customers, and with the recession that began in March 2020, this is truer than ever. SBI’s quarterly pulse survey shows that companies are more dependent on their existing customers to...
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Sales Strategy
Underwriting to a Growth Thesis: The 4 Quadrants of Value Creation
While every industry has been impacted by the ongoing pandemic, private equity professionals have had to unpack an entirely different set of challenges trying to buy and sell in this environment.   On today’s show, Mike Hoffman, SBI Senior Managing Director–Private Equity,...
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