5 Core Competencies of a Navy SEAL and The Connection to Driving Sustainable Revenue Growth.

Come hear the first-hand account of an American hero Justin Legg. As an officer in the Navy SEALs, Justin led a twenty-man SEAL platoon. He will share his experience on the battlefield and how to tie the 5 core competencies of a Navy SEAL to driving sustainable revenue growth in the business environment.


Why should you care?  On the battlefield, Navy SEALs only operate with other A-Players due to their legendary selection and development process. In the business world, A-Players generate 5x more revenue than B-Players and 10x more than C-Players.


SBI’s 2018 breakthrough research report identifies the key competencies of an A-Player sales professional. Justin will describe how the competencies of your team directly tie to Navy SEALs, who outperform their military peers. We will discuss:


• Identifying these key competencies in the selection process

• Developing B & C-Payers into A-Players

• Driving the competencies throughout your organization




Tuesday, December 5th



5:30pm-8pm Eastern


Justin’s talk and dinner begins at 6:15 followed Q&A time and cocktails afterwards to personally meet Justin and your executive peers



1820 Peachtree Road NW Suite 1

Atlanta, GA 30309




Retired LCDR Navy SEAL

Justin Legg is one of the toughest men to ever wear the Navy SEAL Trident. He is the definition of never quit. Imagine becoming a Navy SEAL Officer, leading men into combat, getting diagnosed with Leukemia, being forced to receive a double lung transplant, and cheating death over and over again. That’s Justin Legg.