SBI is a firm comprised of former sales and marketing leaders who spend every minute of every day thinking about one thing: Making Your Number. We are a firm that is drawn to companies with aggressive goals and unreasonable time lines because we enjoy working on projects with a lot on the line. Our business is built to over-serve a small number of clients. We are not trying to please everyone, and we always put our money where our mouth is. Because of this we tend to develop deep and long lasting relationships with our clients and coworkers, that extend beyond the office.


There are three key factors that distinguish SBI from other business consulting firms.


1. Agilitrust

Our delivery methodology involves getting to a working prototype very quickly and then rapidly iterating from this to a finished solution, we offer a much faster cycle time from problem identification to problem resolution.


2. Staffing Process

We staff projects with senior-level executives and former heads of sales and marketing who have real-world experience, which results in practical solutions that actually get implemented.


3. Compensation Practices

30% to 50% of every SBI employee’s compensation package is tied to a bonus that is entirely based on client feedback and overall happiness, which naturally fosters client intimacy.


“If you are serious about transformation there is nothing more valuable than a facilitated executive leadership discussion in a safe space – the Studio provides that and much more.” – Chief Revenue Officer, Workforce Strategy Firm

More About SBI


What We Do

SBI uses the benchmarking method to help clients accelerate their rate of revenue growth. Benchmarking allows our clients to leap frog their competitors by getting access to emerging best practices from the top sales and marketing leaders.


Our People

SBI is made up of former leaders of top-producing sales and marketing teams whose experience and knowledge will help you make your number.


Our History

SBI has a legacy of making a measurable and lasting impact on the success of our clients.


Contact Us

Send us your questions or let us know your revenue growth needs.



As a consultant with SBI, you have an opportunity to directly impact the success of our clients. You will work with a team of experienced consultants solving business issues for some of the world’s leading companies.


SBI Is Recognized by Forbes as One of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms


Every year Forbes partners with market research company Statista to recognize the best management consultancies in America. The list is compiled by surveying over 7,500 partners and executives across 16 sectors and functional areas to rank the most recommended firms. For the fourth consecutive year, SBI has been named one of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms — ranking in the top 0.03%. We owe it all to the unwavering loyalty of our community. Thank you.