SBI Is Recognized by Forbes as One of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms


Every year Forbes partners with market research company Statista to recognize the best management consultancies in America. The list is compiled by surveying over 7,500 partners and executives across 16 sectors and functional areas to rank the most recommended firms. For the fifth consecutive year, SBI has been named one of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms — ranking in the top 0.03%. We owe it all to the unwavering loyalty of our community. Thank you.


Who We Are


SBI is a Go-to-Market Growth Advisory, offering collaborative consulting forged from serving as strategic implementors who have owned and operated the GTM function at some of the world’s most successful growth companies. Using our proven templates, processes and playbooks, we help clients quickly move from the right data and insights to give them measurable results in top-line growth.


We engage and support you as an extension of your team, both leading and working side-by-side to deliver relatable, practical strategies that work right away and ongoing. Through our work as real-world GTM practitioners we have developed an intimate understanding of the buyer-seller journey, which enables us to help you actively apply relevant data, strategies, and tactics for significant outcomes.


Perspective from Practitioners


The SBI advisory experience is uniquely better in two important ways. First, we have an intimate understanding of the buying cycle. We have “been there and done that” when it comes to building and running the strategies and implementation of successful go-to-market programs for some of the world’s fastest growing, most profitable companies working in the most dynamic industries and market sectors. We are innovators seeking other innovators.


Second, we provide an altogether different kind of consulting experience. Our brand of side-by-side service and support means that, while we own our objectives, we also work with you as an extension of your mission and team. We bring empathy and accountability to create trust and long-term relationships. Our approach is collaborative, and our people are relatable. We are the professionals that other professionals like to work with, time and again.


“They are practicing professionals and come from operating jobs…when you ask a question you get a best-practice response…which they can then help apply.”


Strategies That Work


So often senior executives get slideware and advice that does not work for the real world. Because of our perspective and experience, we can deliver ideas and execution that are grounded in real-world dependencies and dynamics. Moreover, the SBI advisors who propose and develop the GTM innovations for your business are the same people that deliver them. Our ability to be a player-coach helps to ensure accountability and follow through in our GTM advisory.


We are highly creative, adaptable and flexible to be able to give you relevant tactics that drive significant outcomes. This gives our clients a built-in form of insurance that the advice we give is practical and achievable in the context of their market, industry and company. We do not throw the same solution at each client, but rather use proven processes and playbooks to tailor solutions that play to your strengths and your buyers’ needs.


“We were much more successful (with SBI as) player coach. If you want full value you need the side-by-side help…they are very much an extension of our team.”


Execution…at Speed


When it comes to rapid, repeatable growth, speed and timing are critical factors. Our perspective and commitment to giving real-world strategic guidance, supported by tactics that work, means you get unique insights to action…to impacts, right from the start. Clients appreciate that they can start considering and doing things differently in the first stage of our work together. We give you speed to clarity, speed to planning, speed to execution and speed to results.


Our clients know that they not only have to do the right things well, they also have to do them quickly. We are proactive vs. reactive in our delivery. We give you a no-holds-barred assessment of your GTM set up – people, processes, systems – and then game out all the options for effective change and improvements towards your growth goals. Our model gives you unique, tailored “on demand” access to the right talent, insights and tools to execute.


“They can tell us things that we can start doing differently tomorrow to make improvements. They are my speed dial button #1 in this strike zone.”


Guarantee to Grow


When done right, GTM growth consulting does not just increase next quarter’s sales. It also transforms how you sell and deliver to increase your unique value…and valuation…in the marketplace. Our GTM experience and collaborative approach translates into a much more results-driven engagement, so much so that we are willing and able to put skin in the game with our clients, tying our rewards to your success.


We work hard on your behalf because we treat your sales, growth and valuation goals as if they were our own, because ultimately that is exactly the case. When you win, we win. Let us help you not only “make your number” but also meet your enterprise growth targets for profitable revenue and greater valuation. We underwrite your success with our own. Clients experience as much as a 5X increase in return on capital, driven by measurable sales outcomes, such as doubling sales.


“If all our companies did what SBI preaches, we would be so much better off. They tie their work to outcomes.”