SBI is an experienced-based consulting firm that hires exclusively from the industry. Your professional path is based on an apprenticeship model that fosters and develops your career progression at each stage. You build confidence and expertise, and will reach your full potential at SBI.


As you gain in-house experience, you are able to fine-tune your skills and become a subject matter expert. With our training and coaching, your career at SBI starts to unfold. At every turn you earn new responsibilities and opportunities that demonstrate your unique abilities and personal achievements.


With each new success and a history of proven results, you position yourself for advancement. We offer six career levels to aspire to.


Business Analyst and Associate Consultant

Business Analysts (BAs) and Associate Consultants (ACs) are the heart and soul of our organization. At SBI, you will be our frontline in developing powerful insights as well as driving results for our clients. We invest heavily in these roles. That investment pays off – and not only for SBI. A large number of our BAs and ACs become business leaders inside our firm and across industries. 


Consultant and Senior Consultant

As a Consultant or Senior Consultant, you are immersed in all aspects of our end-to-end process. You’ll develop the comprehensive plan to solve the client’s problems, execute the analysis, translate data into meaningful insights and recommendations, and move the client to action. Everything you do is geared toward achieving bottom-line results for our clients.


Engagement Manager

Engagement Managers act as both coaches internally and subject matter experts to clients. Engagement Managers support and coach consultants to produce client intimacy and results within client engagements. The Engagament Manager role is a key leadership position that is filled by top performing Senior Consultants that consistently demonstrate leadership excellence.


Associate Principal

The role of Associate Principal is a growth role that provides a promotional opportunity to a Consultant who wants to become a Principal, and has demonstrated the ability to be successful in the Consultant role. Associate Principals master the Opportunity Management process and then deliver solutions into the clients that they bring to the firm. In a sense, they function both as a Consultant and a Principal in accounts that do not require more than one person to fulfill client requirements.  As an Associate Principal, you will be expected to develop a wide range of new abilities to manage others, manage client relationships, lead by example, and develop business.



SBI principals are the leaders both for the case team and the client. They advise the client on issues—even those outside the scope of current SBI work—and maintain client relationships over an extended period. Principals have a seat and a voice at the leadership table. They also play a pivotal role in the firm, fulfilling various leadership roles, increasing their practice area expertise, and supporting the career development of junior employees.



Being a partner at SBI is about trust and judgment. Your nomination to partner is a formal acknowledgement of your personal merit. It also is an investment in the future development of our business. As a SBI partner, you’ll have considerable responsibilities.  SBI partners are acknowledged experts in at least one capability and one industry. You’re likely to be invited to speak at conferences and contacted by the press to share, discuss, and illustrate SBI’s experiences and insights.


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