As a consultant with SBI, you work with world-class B2B companies and top-notch leaders in the sales and marketing industry. Every day you have a chance to make a lasting impact by solving problems for our clients using your unique skill set, while gaining a wide breadth of experience.


At SBI you work alongside skillful consultants who help foster and develop your talent. With expert colleagues, you become proficient and accomplished in your trade.


To ensure your success at SBI, we follow a comprehensive training method. Every member of our team acts as a resource and mentor so you feel confident and supported. With the guidance of your peers, you will make a smooth transition through each step in your journey from beginner to expert.


We have developed a three phased approach to ensure every project is executed and adopted by every member of our team.  


  1. Consulting: Problems are investigated and defined. Solutions are created.
  2. Training: Following the consulting phase, you are trained on how to use the new solution.
  3. Coaching: Following the training rollout, we deliver coaching so you progress from a beginner to an expert who is capable of accepting new responsibilities and is held accountable.


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