About Jeff

As a Management Consultant with a solid technology background, my expertise is in creating and executing strategies to resolve business challenges. Being effective, though, also requires strong leadership skills. Among those, is my ability to …


  • Establish and maintain client relationships. Even with client-side turnover and reorganizations over the past 5+ years, I have built and nurtured enduring client relationships. One such relationship has generated over $1M in business revenues over the last year, with the opportunity to enter into a new market with an existing client.
  • Provide analytical leadership, structuring unstructured problems, suggesting and developing frameworks to resolve unique business challenges, guiding model development, troubleshooting issues, and guiding project teams. In one instance, I collaborated on an extremely complex contracting situation with multiple levels of stakeholders and a wide variation of control, in an area where the company had very little experience. I developed a new approach and model to assess market potential and led development of the internal approach.
  • Develop and mentor high-functioning, global teams. My philosophy in developing people and investing in their career growth has led to deeper personal relationships that translate to personal and professional development that benefits them and the company.
  • Manage beyond the present, which translates to being a forward thinker and then following through with the requisite actions to achieve the goals. Staying on top of industry trends and linking those trends with specific outcomes, has not gone unnoticed by my employers.