About Scott

Scott brings extensive operating experience serving private equity backed and public companies on transformational efforts that accelerate revenue growth and increase enterprise value. His background in investment banking, private equity and operating roles provides him a unique ability to make decisions on where to allocate time, people and money when executing on strategy. His industry expertise is in Technology, Communications, Payments, Services, and SaaS. He brings practical operating experience to clients in sales, marketing, customer success and driving growth in a business. He has extensive M&A experience as an operator and advisor and understands how to integrate teams, technology, and systems to drive revenue and EBITDA. He has managed multiple new product and regional expansion acquisitions and lead global teams in executing successful distribution strategies, multi-channel growth strategies and understands the complexities of growing and expanding a global business.


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Past Experience

Software Brands – CEO

PGI – EVP, World Wide Field Operations

Fuqua Ventures – Principal

Stephens Inc – Investment Banking Analyst

University of Georgia
United States Navy