Phase 4: Sales Process

During the sales process phase, SBI can help your company deploy a sales process tailored to how your buyers want to buy to improve win rates and deal sizes while shortening the sales cycle length.


The Problem

You need to win more deals in less time. Decision makers are making purchase decisions differently today. Traditional sales processes, based on needs development and solution position, will cause the majority of your reps to miss the number. How can you change the process for the betterment of your company?


The Solution

  • Buyer process maps
  • Sales methodology
  • Sales playbook job aides
  • Technology implementation plan
  • Certification program including:
    • Reinforcement plan
    • Certification process
    • Awards
  • Gamification program
  • Dashboards for sales reps, managers, and executives


With your company’s sales processes now in place, it is time to move on to Phase 5: Sales Organization Design.