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What Marketing Leaders Are Asking:


  • Has your customer’s buying process changed?
  • Are renewals at risk due to budget pressures your customers may face?
  • How are you aligned with the customer success team to maintain positive customer relationships and interactions?
  • If the go-to-market strategy has changed, how will your marketing strategy best support it?
  • How are you, your team, and your agencies staying aligned to execute the plan?
  • How do you adjust your content and campaigns to ensure the right message is reaching the right person at the right time?
  • If customers, trade, and field events are 30-40% of your budget, how do you deliver the same results through different means?
  • How do you maintain the brand and best position for future growth under tight budgets and continued revenue expectations?


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Continuing to run business day to day is the best thing we can all do to support our economy, each other, and the employees that work for our respective companies. In the spirit of that mission, we launched a LinkedIn Group to facilitate the exchange of ideas on how to keep a revenue organization running in light of the drastic changes that need to be made under the prevailing circumstances.


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