The Studio


The Studio is SBI’s Executive Briefing Center, conveniently located in Dallas, TX.  The Studio is fully-equipped with a state-of-the-art television recording studio and serves as the ideal environment to broadcast virtual or host in-person events.






Client Advisory Board


SBI evaluates market-leading Accelerators and selects peer executives to share ideas, best practices, and challenges across verticals in a confidential setting.  These groups are intentionally smaller and feature executives in software, business services, and media in public and private companies with market caps from $1B to $10B. Click here for an overview from SBI CEO, Matt Sharrers.




The SBI TV Program, featuring award-winners SBI TV and the Revenue Growth Help Desk podcast seek to share peer learnings with a broader SBI audience.  Broadcasting to over 30,000 subscribers, executives have an opportunity to showcase their brand and share professional expertise with the B2B community.









SBI’s thought leadership delivers immediately actionable insights related to sales, marketing, and customer success. Top of mind questions from market leaders are addressed with thoughtful discussion in each webinar.







Industry Roundtables


The goal of our Roundtable events is to connect peer-to-peer learning and engagement within the same or similar industry. These invitation-only events provide an opportunity for attendees to preview upcoming research and help shape future go-to-market best practices and strategies in their respective markets.  We want each attendee to walk away with ideas and suggestions that they can immediately go to work on implementing.


Growth CFO Forums


The Growth CFO Forum is a professional network designed to connect and support these Finance executives. Members benefit from peer-to-peer engagement with like-minded business leaders. There is no cost to join, but it is invitation only.


SBI Executive Programs provide ongoing access to our emerging best practice discussions, exclusive opportunities, including SBI TV guest appearances, invitations to advisory meetings, connections to a network of industry peers, and more.


If you would like to learn more about SBI Executive Programs, please complete the form below.



SBI TV 2020 Filming Sessions

April 27th | September 8th | Dallas, TX

Share your expertise with SBI’s prestigious community.


SBI’s heritage in benchmarking dictates the need to continuously add to the collective body of knowledge. Revenue leaders at the top of their field are invited to share their expertise on our popular TV episodes and podcasts recorded in our state-of-the-art onsite studio.