Making Your Number in 2017 is Now Easier with the Introduction of the Revenue Growth Methodology

SBI announces the release of our 10th annual workbook, titled “How to Make Your Number in 2017.”

Since 2006, executive leadership teams have counted on SBI’s flagship publication, The Annual Workbook, to help them create the annual operating plan for the sales and marketing teams.  This year’s workbook uncovers emerging best practices specific to Private Equity and the companies they own.   We have codified these emerging best practices in a methodology you can implement at your company. It is called the Revenue Growth Methodology, or RGM for short, and it is your ticket to a great 2017, and every year thereafter.


This workbook is for executive leadership teams inside of PE back companies with aggressive revenue growth goals, who have a lot on the line, and can’t afford to waste time.


If this describes you, sign up/in on the right and download now.




This workbook will significantly increase the probability of you making your number in 2017.




It teaches you the emerging best practices from the world’s top growth leaders and allows you to benchmark your own organization against them.


These are leaders in the top 22%, those who consistently grow their revenues faster than their competitors, and faster than their industries.


What can you learn from them?


To net it out, there is one thing they do that others don’t.


They hit their revenue growth number every year. The average executives, the remaining 78% are inconsistent. They make their number one year, miss it the next, make it one quarter, miss it the next, and so on.


What is their secret sauce?


You need to download the workbook, and go through the exercises to learn the specifics, but let us try and sum it up in a few sentences.


Best-in-class growth executives blend strategy and execution masterfully. They understand that this quarter’s results reflect actions they took a year ago. And next year’s results will be determined by the actions they take today.


Growth executives in the top 22% work on strategy, and tactics, together in unison, resulting in making the revenue number always, in a predictable, hassle-free way.


It is easy to be good. It is difficult to be great.


If you want to be great and grow revenues faster than your competitors, and your industry, download this workbook.