The Problem

The revenue growth objective is heavily dependent on having superstar executive talent. Field an average team and miss the revenue growth objective. At times, the revenue growth strategy calls for a new set of competencies that the existing team does not possess. And sometimes the competitors have a talent advantage that results in them winning more than they should. Mismatch talent and corporate strategy and suffer from significant execution problems.


The Solution

  • Talent strategy

  • Talent ROI

  • Org chart

  • Profiles

    • Talent Management Roles & Responsibilities

    • Hiring Profiles by Role

    • Compensation Benchmark by Role

    • Talent Assessment Process

    • Job Descriptions

  • Talent assessment process

  • Sourcing

    • Headcount Plan

    • Recruitment Methodology

  • Hiring

    • Interview Process

    • Selection Process

  • Talent Development

    • Talent Development Assessment

    • Organizational Talent Development Plan

    • Performance Management Process

    • Development Program Metric Measurement

    • Talent Management Metrics Dashboard

  • Succession Planning

    • Succession Planning Assessment

    • Capacity Plan

    • Succession Planning Process