Healthcare Expertise

Healthcare companies that wisely select cutting-edge growth methodologies enjoy an advantage their respective markets.

Companies serving the $3.8 trillion healthcare sector operate in an increasingly complex and competitive environment.


With the flood of cash coming from private equity into the sector, multiples are up, placing obstacles in the way of making your growth number via acquisitions. The value placed on organic growth is therefore on the rise. Healthcare companies that want to increase their enterprise value need to embrace all the available emerging best practices in organic growth in order to grow faster than their category and their peers.


At the same time, the regulatory environment continues to evolve and complicate business practices in the inherently conservative healthcare culture, causing healthcare companies to ask: which emerging best growth practices are appropriate for my business?


SBI’s Healthcare Practice team members come from leadership roles and consulting engagements within top healthcare companies and understand the challenges healthcare executives face today. These same team members leverage their own — and the firm’s — cross-industry functional expertise, enabling us to identify and execute emerging best practices that fit into your complex environment. We see those healthcare companies that wisely select and apply these cutting-edge methodologies enjoying an almost unfair advantage in their respective markets. SBI will help you make those choices and execute on your winning strategy.


Key industry headwinds we’ve recently helped our clients overcome (or take advantage of) include:


  • Fickle and decreasing federal reimbursement levels, forcing our clients to optimize the efficiency of their go-to-market efforts
  • Rampant provider consolidation and vertical integration between payers and providers, driving new economies of scale, increased purchasing power, and complex-to-navigate buying decision teams
  • Healthcare spend shifting from employers to employees, resulting in the drive toward consumer price and quality transparency, which is creating industry-wide margin compression and accelerating the use of technology to drive down costs and increase efficiency
  • Innovative reimbursement models focusing on healthcare value are creating the need for new technology, tech-enabled services, and the ability to prove quality levels


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Our healthcare clients make their number by identifying their obstacles in our Revenue Growth Maturity Model (RGMM) and leveraging our Revenue Growth Methodology (RGM). If you would like to see your odds of making your number this year, you can complete the Revenue Growth Diagnostic found here.


If you’d like to connect with an SBI Healthcare expert to find out how to overcome these obstacles and grow your healthcare company faster, contact us today.