By implementing a Centralized Lead Development Team you are immediately maximizing selling time, increasing execution, and providing a competitive differentiator.



Lead Generation



10 Key Reasons that a Centralized Lead Development Team Would Make Sense For You:

  1. Sales managers do not manage the prospecting activity nearly as well or as consistently as they do Opportunity Management
  2. Good prospecting is a data-intensive evolution which requires analytical skills, close cooperation with Marketing Ops for segmentation, and coordination with Product Marketing for specific campaigns. None of this is possible for field sales reps.
  3. With a dedicated Lead Demand Rep (LDR) team, you get best practices sharing, dedicated management and coaching, accountability of lead record tracking (separately from Opportunities), and lead-focused metrics tracking through some form of a Performance Framework. None of this is possible when prospecting.
  4. With a dedicated LDR team, you can install a defined lead management process with Job Aids.
  5. LDR reps can use marketing automation software (e.g. Eloqua, Marketo, Market-to-Lead) at a much more economical way (centralized licenses) and with more effectiveness.
  6. By freeing up rep prospecting time, reps can close more deals and make more money.
  7. LDR reps can respond to marketing initiatives faster.
  8. An LDR group will almost always have a Lead Admin rep who does data de-duping, segmentation reporting, initial data verification for a lead, and CRM data cleansing. No one really does this when reps own prospecting.
  9. LDR reps can leverage pre-defined nurture paths in stoking early stage buyer awareness.
  10. LDR reps can use automated lead grading and lead scoring to help direct the right attention to the right prospect at the right time.


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