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Here are some metrics you can use when presenting your 2012 budget to the board, CEO, or CFO.  I have also made these metrics easy to share by including a tweet button next to each one.  If there are other stats you would like to see, let me know in the comment section below and I will get them for you.


  1. Median quota attainment 2011 YTD is 63% Tweet This Stat
  2. Average base to variable sales compensation ratio is 55:45 Tweet This Stat
  3. Benchmark % of revenue spent on marketing is 5.6% Tweet This Stat
  4. Cost per lead via outbound marketing is 3.3x higher than inbound marketing CPL Tweet This Stat
  5. Forecasting accuracy for companies with a customer sales methodology is 81% Tweet This Stat


  6. Geographic based sales structures underperform peak performance replication structures 3 out of 4 times. Tweet This Stat
  7. #1 job attribute that attracts “A” player reps is territory potential Tweet This Stat
  8. Cost of mistake hire for sales manager is 9.2x base salary Tweet This Stat
  9. Most accurate metric to measure new hire ramp time is time to first sale Tweet This Stat
  10. Top 10% producing sales managers spend 66% of their time coaching reps Tweet This Stat


If you want to benchmark the productivity of your sales force, check out our sales consulting database of 11,000 companies and 315 sales metrics here.



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