Speakers: Drew Forret | Greg Alexander, SBI

Drew Forret from CARPROOF corporate strategy


On this week’s SBI Sales and Marketing Podcast we spoke with Drew Forret, the Chief Operating and Financial Officer at CARPROOF. CARPROOF is the leading provider of vehicle history reports in Canada selling Business-to-Business to dealers. You may be familiar with CARFAX, CARPROOF’s sister company in the United States.  Drew acts as the operating partner to the CEO and leads the functional areas of finance, HR, strategic planning, and internal operations.


The topic of our conversation is Sales Coverage and Sales Channels as aspects of your corporate strategy. Listen as Drew explains how he is intimately engaged developing the corporate strategy with the sales team to design coverage models and evaluating new routes to market.


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During the episode, Drew will answer these questions with CARPROOF as an insightful use case:


  • How have you made sure you have proper coverage across your addressable market?
  • When sales coverage is increased, how do you make sure there is a proportional increase in revenue growth?
  • How do you determine if the most traditional routes to market are the most effective?
  • How is your coverage model directed at the portion of the market with the highest growth potential with the lowest penetration?
  • How do you remove coverage leakage where sales reps are covering accounts not in your sweet spot?
  • How does your ICP definition and account attractiveness score include the channel preferences of your buyers?


Drew will walk you through the development of the corporate strategy as it relates to the ideal balance of sales coverage and the routes to market. It’s an opportunity to hear how a hypothesis of sales coverage was tested and then roll-out. In 29 fast-paced minutes Drew describes developing an activity based capacity model, and how new innovative channels have been implemented.