How can you drive excellence through sales enablement? We recently spoke with Bill Quinn, Chief Operating Officer at Broadridge Financial Solutions, to answer this question. Watch as we discuss how to drive execution of your sales strategy through sales enablement.


We’ll first discuss the objectives of the sales enablement team. Bill will explain his three centers of excellence within his sales strategy and operations: the day-to-day process, sales reporting and analytics, and sales learning and development. He will then explain where sales enablement should live in the organization, and who should own it.


Bill will also discuss sales enablement content. How is it created? How is it used? He’ll cover topics such as sales playbooks, and the technology needed to execute his sales enablement strategy. And he’ll explain what to measure to determine your success.


Too often sales organizations have a bunch of tactics that masquerade as a strategy. This causes all kinds of execution issues, and sales enablement becomes fractured across the organization. To combat this, watch as Bill discusses how to drive excellence in sales enablement. He will present insights that can be implemented immediately in order to increase revenue per sales head.