The way to avoid being circumvented by this “groundswell” is to execute an effective lead generation process.  The process will vary from company to company, and industry to industry, but they will all refer to these three steps:


  • Get Found
  • Convert
  • Analyze and Repeat


The perception of this “groundswell” is as if our world of lead generation just got harder.  That it is somehow harder to find the decision makers.  Or that the decision makers are doing their own information gathering, which ultimately will make it harder to get our solutions in front of them. 


I am of the contrarian belief that:


  • Decision makers are searching for solutions in the same forums that you and I access each day.
  • Not only do we access them, but we have permission to access them.
  • We can follow on Twitter, we can be friends on Facebook, we can be part of their Linkedin network.
  • Most importantly, the only thing these opportunities cost us is time.




Whoever embraces social media now, as a platform for lead generation,  will be ahead in the race to grab market share for the next decade and beyond.  


In the following three posts I will go into greater depth as it pertains to each of the keys to an effective lead generation process.  I will discuss how to implement them into your sales and marketing plans so as to leave you with the results of improving sales productivity.