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Common Mistake #1 – Premature Acceleration of Leads to Sales

Are sales reps complaining about the quality of their leads?  Look closely at the time window of leads advancing to the sales force.  Marketing campaigns that acquire late stage buyers should accelerate quickly.  However most campaign inquires are early stage awareness prospects.  


Is there a large quantity of leads accelerating to the sales force within the first day of inquiry?  If so you are likely suffering from one of the following:


  • Score thresholds that are too low:  There is an eagerness to show results to the field.  Sales leaders encourage low thresholds to increase the flow of leads.
  • Scoring activity amounts that are too high:  The specific score on certain activities or content assets may be too high.  Often content items are scored too high.  Consideration is not given to total scores than include a series of activities for an early stage prospect.
  • Short-sighted routing rules:  This involves routing rules that short-circuit involvement by the lead development reps.  Undeveloped leads go right to sales reps.  The problem is that the prospects aren’t ready to talk to a sales rep.  The entire value proposition of facilitated buying is undermined.


Below is an example of a corrupted scoring model with activity scores that are too high, and a threshold that is too low.  Note that a single visit and series of interactions can result in a ‘sales ready’ lead:


Lead Gen Scoring Example of Corruption


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