Here are some of the tools our sales consulting firm uses to save sales managers time.  Put them to use and you might be able to “get a life”.


1-      Lattice EnginesGet more out of your CRM

Sales managers are spending way too much time guessing on which accounts their reps should be calling on.  Lattice Engines provides a sales intelligence tool that uses predictive analytics to take the guess work out of this decision. Our sales consulting firm recently witnesses a 10 hour process get reduced to 30 minutes. No kidding.


You have had CRM installed now for years.  Get the most out of all that data by using a predictive analyzer.  If you want to check them out, here is a case study on Dell’s implementation.


2-      Big MachinesGet the Quote Right the First Time

The deal approval process inside some of our sales consulting firm’s clients is more complicated than the Google Search algorithm. How many calls/meetings do you find yourself in inspecting deals to make sure they are priced correctly, and in compliance with your companies pricing policy?  Don’t answer that.  I was having fun with you. 


How would you like to be able to generate rich, customer friendly quotes in seconds?  How would you like to modify them to accommodate a customer’s request in 5 minutes vs. spending 1 hour in a meeting with a rep to make sure he gets it correct.  Check these guys out here.


3-      HootsuiteGenerate Leads through Social Media

One of our sales consulting clients asked us to help them improve their lead generation capabilities.  Their current approach was to have their sales reps drive into office parks and knock on doors.  No, I am not kidding.  We suggested that social media lead gen might produce better results and be a lot more fun.  The client tells me “We are different. Our target market does not use social media.” He sounded like a guy riding a horse down the interstate. You could almost feel the breeze generated by his competitors speeding past him in BMW’s.


We stood up Hootsuite and used it to manage multiple profiles, schedule tweets, analyze site traffic, and place killer content in places where their target customers were congregating on line.  They went from 6 inquiries a month to 1,823. That is a real number. No hype. The best part is the sales managers no longer have to ride with reps into office parks filled with people who did not want to talk to them. 


These guys write a fantastic blog and you can find it here.


Bonus Tool:

Have you ever wonder what your cadence should be?  Here is an example of how a top sales manager allocates his time each week. 


sales consulting sales manager cadence


Key Take Aways:


  • There are dozens of time saving tools waiting for you to exploit.  Be a student of the game and experiment.
  • Working smarter is more fun than working harder.
  • We live in a technology driven world. Get on board or you will be left behind.


If you enjoyed the SM Weekly Cadence image, check out our Slide Share channel. You can get access to dozens of graphs/charts like this one.


I end with a question for you: How many hours per week would you like to recapture?



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