sales leader rollout quota increase

Top sales leaders know how to communicate and roll out a sales plan.  Here are some ways to make it painless.


Start Early

As soon as the new quota is approved- it’s time to get moving.  Get your sales managers involved early in the process.  The sales management team needs to have a clear understanding of the new quota. Sit down with your team and pay attention to these areas:


  • Understanding the link between the company strategy and new quota
  • The impact to the individual sellers and their territories
  • Rebalancing of any territories due to the new quota
  • Impact on morale and any risks on the individual


Once you have your managers onboard it is time to meet with the team.


Identify Any Gaps

To quote Cuba Gooding Jr. in the movie Jerry Maquire, “Help me, help you”.  This is the most important step of rolling out the quota.  Take the time to explain the activity needed to get to the number.  Identify any gaps and work to close using the following:


  1. Social prospecting– if you don’t think you will have enough leads from marketing, generate your own.  Sales can’t rely on marketing alone.  Use LinkedIn to expand your profiles, reach, and referrals to close the gap.  Today’s sales leader should be generating about 70% of revenue through sales prospecting. To see more on how VP’s use social prospecting take a look at this post.
  2. Marketing – Sit down with your CMO to see what campaigns they are running.  Today’s marketing organizations are generating 25+% of the sales funnel.  You need to identify what lead and demand generation programs will drive the pipeline.  If your marketing team needs help.  Here is a great article to get you started.
  3. Gamification– Rollout a competition to the team focused on getting off to a strong start.  Gamification is a great way to get the teams competing while changing behavior.  Create the following:


  • Defined contest based on Q1 goals
  • Daily leaderboard to track activity
  • Point system that is easy to measure
  • Rewards that get the team excited


Communication is Key

Communication is paramount when rolling out a quota.  Your team needs to understand how they can make the number.  Ensure your sales managers take this seriously.  It should be done in a 1-on-1 meeting or call.  Do not send an impersonal email with the new quota to your sales rep. If you don’t rollout the quota right- you will lose “A” players


Next Steps

Having a quota increase is part of being in sales.  Download the Sales Leaders Checklist for Closing the Quota Gap.   Then take the time to understand what you are communicating to your team.  Get your managers together to discuss and most importantly fill any gaps.  You control your destiny in 2014- no one else will.  It’s time to step up and lead.



Josh Horstmann

Brings a deep level of experience and insight in helping organizations develop and execute their corporate, sales and marketing strategies.

Josh specializes in helping clients solve demanding sales and marketing challenges through aligning functional strategies within an organization. He has worked with clients in manufacturing, ecommerce, software, financial services and technology sectors.


Recently he helped transform an international services company ‘go to market’ strategy, which included assessing talent, re-organizing the sales force, increasing team productivity, reducing the cost of sale and aligning the marketing and sales strategies.


Josh continues to provide thought leadership to his clients advising them on how to build inside sales teams, develop compensation programs, share best practices on social selling, transform sales organizations, drive demand generation programs and acquire and cultivate talent. Along with this he helps organizations align functional strategies.


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