In my previous blog, I explored some of the communications necessary for field organizations to report back to corporate. Conversely, below is a breakdown of 4 meetings that you, as a Sales Leader, should implement in order to maintain the Sales Cadence of your Sales Teams.


sales cadence meetings


Weekly Meeting

Regional Sales Team Call – Keep in touch with Sales Teams and stay up to date on current performance.


 1) Topics to review and discuss:



2) Participants:


  • Regional Sales Director and accompanying Sales Team
  • Departmental Reps as needed


3) Duration:


  • 1 hour


NOTE: It’s not enough just to have these meetings. You need to make sure that they are producing and aiding in the growth and development of your organization. It’s a good idea to have an Initiative Review at each meeting where certain tasks and assignments are evaluated. This keeps everyone involved and accountable.


Monthly Meeting

Continuing Education Call – Keep your Sales Team (and yourself) up to date on the cutting edge teachings, techniques, and technologies. An organization that stays on the cutting edge greatly improves its chances for success. Give your Sales Team the tools they need to excel.


Topics of discussion:


  • Product Knowledge – Have there been any updates or new product launches?
  • Competition – What are some of the best practices of other organizations that your Sales Team can learn from?
  • Win/Loss Analysis – Gain a true understanding of your win/loss ratio and where your shortcomings are so that you can truly improve in the short and long run.
  • Differentiation Strategies
  • Sales Tools




  • All Sales (Mandatory attendance)
  • Relevant Departmental Reps




  • 1 hour


Sales Update Call – General updates to keep the Sales Team abreast of any important occurrences in or outside of the organization.


Topics of discussion:


  • Product Updates
  • Pricing Updates – Affirm that you are making the margins you targeted at the beginning of the year.
  • Customer Success Stories – Nothing pumps up the morale of a Sales Team like knowing that the work they are doing is making a difference.
  • Marketing Events
  • Special Programs / Announcements




  • All Sales (Mandatory attendance)




  • 1 hour


Quarterly Meetings

Sales Review (QBR) – Get an overall snapshot of the current position of your Sales Team, and the progress towards your targets. Additionally, it allows a platform for review of Sales Team members.


Topics of Discussion:


  • High-level review of sales team performance in prior quarter
  • Individual recognition or improvement of Sales Team members
  • Departmental updates to Sales of programs or activities supporting corporate or sales efforts
  • Team-building and communication
  • Education




  • All Sales (Mandatory attendance)
  • Departmental Reps




  • 2.5 Days


Other Deliverables


  • Active participation in discussions and breakouts
  • Share lessons learned with Sales peers and other team members
  • Broaden network of relationships
  • AGAIN: Not enough just to have this meeting. Keep people accountable by holding Initiative Reviews to make sure that the business is progressing as you intend.


Sales Cadence is one of the most important sales strategies that tends to fly under the radar. People take it for granted, but if you want to separate yourself from the pack and be a truly great organization, you need to understand and implement proper Sales Cadence.




Use the downloadable Meeting Initiative Review forms to assure that you are getting the most out of your Sales Cadence meetings. Having a goal of 5 Initiatives to review is a good starting point.


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