In order to hit your revenue growth objectives, your sales and marketing strategies must be aligned. This week on SBI TV, watch as we discuss five key activities to achieve this strategic alignment with our special guest, Alex Shootman. Alex is the president of Apptio, an organization that allows companies such as Cisco and Microsoft to manage the business of IT. He is responsible for the company’s entire field operation and has over 25 years of business experience.


In our first segment, we begin our marketing strategy discussion with brand planning. We discuss Apptio’s brand promise, and why you should believe it. We also examine how the sales team lives the brand in the field every day. And how their brand differs from their competition.


In our second segment, Alex shares how to create and distribute compelling content. He’ll explain how he thinks about the content journey, and how to advance the conversation with prospects. We’ll then move on to marketing campaign planning. How does Alex create well thought out and successful campaigns at Apptio? He’ll cover this topic in detail from planning, messaging, nurturing, and more.


In our final segment, Alex will share how to build the organizational design model. He’ll explain the roles of both product and field marketing, and the differences between the two. And finally, Alex will discuss how the operations teams supports the organization and helps them be successful.


The marketing strategy is a key input into the sales leader’s sales strategy. If there is not alignment between the two, revenue growth will suffer. Watch here as Alex gives our audience five ways to achieve strategic alignment between the two functions. Achieve alignment as Alex has, and revenue growth will take care of itself.