In this post we will discuss five December quick hits. 


Juggling Priorities


Each of them can generate more revenue.  Start implementing them now so they impact next year’s number.


Why these five?  World class sales organizations are using these techniques to Make the Number.  Sales leaders that execute these differentiate themselves.  Also, you have control over the adoption of each. 


As you think through possible sales initiatives, you will have some questions.  What do I do first?  Who should own each item?  What are the expected results? 


The December Quick Hits Toolkit has answers.  Download it to get guidance on how to execute each of the 5 quick hits.  The tool will help you prioritize these ideas based on impact on your team.  Download the tool and build an agile execution plan.  Bring the plan to your boss and look like a genius.  


December Quick Hits Toolkit


The 5 Quick Hits


1. Hire one ‘A’ player.  Up the game of your team by hiring a super star to push everyone. This is probably not someone from your industry.  Why would someone come to your company from in industry?  Because they weren’t very successful elsewhere.  Hire someone that is truly going to turn it up a notch.


2. Teach new prospecting techniques.  The ability to drive new business opportunities is a highly valued skill.  How do I know?  There is scarcity in the market.  Companies are willing to pay for them.  It is difficult to find reps that are great at prospecting.  Here are a few reasons why.


  • Sales organizations have made prospecting difficult
  • Sales people equate prospecting to non-strategic grunt work
  • Many prospecting techniques are tiresome to both buyer and seller


3. Get Clear on Accountabilities. Ensure your team knows exactly what is expected of them.  Clear accountability will make your team more effective.  Use the RACI concept to map out key processes and tasks (download the tool above for an example)


  • Responsible – who is going to do the work
  • Accountable – who is in charge of the results
  • Consulted – contributors to the work being done properly
  • Informed – the plan is explained to them, but they don’t contribute


4. Utilize Technology.  Use technology to be more effective. This has three main benefits.


  1. Technology allows decisions to be made with data, not gut feel
  2. Technology enables your reps to do more in less time
  3. Technology enables best practices to be shared across your sales organization


5. Training on defining the problem. Great reps define the problem at a granular level.  This is a rep skill that most Sales Leaders overlook.  The ability to define a problem in an insightful way is a differentiator. Focus on execution early in opportunities and close more business.


Time is not on your side.  Trying to be perfect stifles progress.  Focus on getting these ideas 80% implemented in 20% of the time. By doing so, you will realize 80% of the benefit in 2014.  Be agile.  If you try to be perfect it will take too long and delay the result.  Also, the view might not be worth the climb.   


You have two choices


  1. You can continue to do what you have been doing.  This will get you similar results.  These results will decline each year as the competition outpaces you.
  2. You can drive rapid change.  It will take more leadership from you.  You have an opportunity to get ahead of your peers.  But you need to act now. 


The toolkit outlines the process for each of the 5 quick hits.  If you chose #2 above, use it to drive change during December.



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