Finding great sales talent isn’t hard. The real challenge is persuading the best talent to work for you. Assuming you have a good company culture, you’re respected in your industry, and your leadership team has a vision your employees can believe in, then you’re already in a good starting position. Do you want to convince great salespeople to work for your company? Watch here as Tracy Cote, SVP of Human Resources at Genesys explains how to do this by being a great company to sell for.


During the episode, Tracy will explain 5 simple things you can do, such as::


  1. Pay fairly. Pay commissions quarterly, put accelerators into your plans and offer spiffs. A great salesperson wants an opportunity to blow out their numbers; make sure your structure enables them to exceed goals and make a lot of money.
  1. Offer quality pre-sales support. At Genesys, they take both a consultative and collaborative approach, which results in a network of colleagues, business consultants, professional services teams and industry experts to help support sales reps. On top of that, executives are willing to jump in when they’re needed; they will regularly hop on a plane on short notice to meet with customers to close a deal or help sort out any outstanding service issues.
  1. Invest in tools and a process that work. Make it easy for your sales team to focus on making the sale – not on administrivia or fumbling to find the information they need for customers. At Genesys, life is made easier for sales teams by creating programs to automate proposals, presentations, and to make content and training both easy to find and readily available.
  1. Reward good behavior. Everyone wants to feel special and appreciated. Not only is fair pay important, but a great President’s Club is a great motivator and a lot of fun; at Genesys, they have taken their top sales performers to Nevis in the Caribbean, the Croatian coast, and the mountains of New Zealand. Do your best to recognize your top performers with a memorable club experience, say thank you regularly and openly, and don’t micromanage.
  1. Focus on the customer. Stop obsessing over what you are selling. Instead, think about what your potential customer needs and wants and then deliver a great experience building from an outside-in point of view, rather than being solely focused on closing your deal.


Keeping your focus on the key elements of great selling is critical. Watch as Tracy explains why attracting and retaining sales superstars is about having a solid foundation in place. Focus on the areas where you see that your company has opportunity to improve, and great talent will follow. Remember, everyone wants to sell for a great company.