Now that we have:

  • Identified our strategic keywords
  • Optimized our website, blogs, and social media profiles for SEO
  • Achieved increased website traffic (Verified by your website’s Alexa Ranking decreasing)


We need to be ready to convert our web traffic to leads.


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As the lead generation paradigm shifts from “outbound” activities such as cold calling and visiting trade shows, to an “inbound” content marketing strategy, where personalization tied to personas and impressions is key to driving traffic to your website, the ROI is still measured in converted leads.  


Here are 5 Best Practices for web page Calls To Action that will ensure your activity is producing better results:


1.  Use contrasting colors. Cater to the reader that is just scanning for information.


2.  Position above the fold.  You don’t want to lose out on an opportunity to convert a lead because your call to action was below the fold where the quick reader couldn’t see it. 


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3.  Action oriented, create urgency, begin with a verb.  “Register Now”, “View Here”, “Learn More”


4.  Be direct and brief.  Be instantly obvious with your call to action, don’t leave the prospect guessing.


5.  Deliver what you promise.  There is nothing worse than submitting your information to get a piece of content and realizing it wasn’t what you thought it was going to be.  You will lose more than you win by doing that.


In my next post I will discuss with you the results of the responses, as it is also pertinent to the third step of a successful lead generation process, “Analyze”.