Website Conversion Rate Leads Tune UPA common theme I hear from my peers is, “We are maxed out but we need to drive more leads”.   When marketers are maxed out, they focus on getting more out of their marketing channels and automation.  This can only go so far once all the short term quick win optimizations have been made. The true focus is to optimize your website to increase your lead generation conversion rate.


Here are 5 Ways to tune-up your website’s conversion rate to drive more leads.  First, benchmark your current website conversion rate and then try these things to increase it.


1) – Audit the content on your website.

Is there a true Content Marketing Strategy behind the content being produced? Is the content of quality? Is it persona specific mapped to the stages of the buyer’s journey? Does it nurture the visitor with the right content at the right time? For a small company marketing leader, being able to answer yes to all these questions in a content audit would be ideal. But that is often not the case when a marketing team is small.


How do you consistently build and produce content of quality when hiring more team members isn’t a possibility? Or how do you create higher quality content when you have become dependent on a 3rd party to produce content? We have found success in early client testing that building an internal content marketing department works remarkably well.


Building a new internal content marketing department is essentially a re-organization. It is built by re-allocating the people who are not currently stimulating demand. Then training the team and putting a process in place to produce consistent content on a content calendar. The content produced from this gets better results than any 3rd party content producer.


2) – Perform a Search Engine Optimization Content Audit.

Do your keywords really capture what your buyers search?  Are you tracking your competitors’ keywords? Are you optimizing your top keywords and long tail keywords into the content? Are you taking advantage of available rich snippets for enhancing your search listing? Are you optimizing your blog authors to show up and gain author rank in search engines? If you are not answering yes to any of these questions, you are behind the 8 ball.  Get a copy of my favorite SEO KPI tracker tool by clicking here.


3) – Put CTA’s (Call to actions) on every piece of website content.

There’s nothing worse than having a reader engaged in a piece of content and you fail to convert them. This is one of the most simple action items to execute with the biggest gains. Don’t under estimate all the places you can insert call to actions. A common missed opportunity for a call to action is on a thank you confirmation page. An example is a page where your visitor was sent to after requesting to download a whitepaper. This is a perfect opportunity to ask them to subscribe to your blog, share the content, or nurture them further down the buyer’s journey by offering another piece of content.


4) – A/B Testing

Hypothesize what changes on a website can create more leads and A/B test it. This doesn’t have to be complicated. A hypothesis could be simply changing a picture or the layout of a page. My favorite case studies have been ones that show how changing the picture of someone looking face forward to looking at the form on a page increases the conversion rate. Another favorite of mine is how an ecommerce site increased conversions just by increasing the size of their buy now buttons. More on A/B testing can be read here .


5) – Check that sharing and syndication of your great content is easy.

It is common that most readers of content want to share what they have read, especially when it is great content. Don’t make it difficult for them to share, have all your sharing buttons active and placed well. The benefits of sharing are countless at driving new leads. Not only are they sharing content with their peers and social networks, they are sharing with search engines that you are the authority on the content.


Key Takeaway

Many marketers get laser focused on optimizing their marketing channels to drive more lead. Now is the time to put the focus back on your own website.  Using any of the 5 tactics above can increase your overall website conversion rate.  Here’s a motivator: Simply calculate how many more leads you would have had the previous month had the conversion rate been 1 percent higher.