How should you allocate your people, money and time? These three resources are critical to your organization and your corporate strategy needs to dictate how each are allocated. We recently spoke with Paula Shannon, the CSO and SVP at Lionbridge Technologies to discuss this topic.


We start by identifying and talking through the first eight actions of a sound corporate strategy: planning a company’s mission, vision, values, brand promise, and goals as well as identifying and leveraging your markets, competition and advantages.


With the corporate strategy in place, we then discuss strategic alignment: getting your sales strategy in sync with your corporate strategy by setting sales goals that are in line with your company’s aspirations.


We also look at effectively communicating your corporate strategy to your company’s sales leaders to ensure that it’s reflected in your field-level sales, customer interactions and recruitment.


As you can see, the corporate strategy is a key input into the sales strategy. If the sales team does not understand the corporate strategy, revenue growth will suffer. Watch here to see how one of your peers has successfully achieved revenue growth by connecting the sales and corporate strategy.