Today’s topic is Brand Positioning. Joining us is Kay Kienast head of marketing at EVault, a division of Seagate. Kay was recently named one of the Top 10 Influential Woman in MarTech.


Brand Positioning is about inspiring your customers and prospects to go from the problematic status quo to the opportunity-filled future.  This is done by solving their biggest problem by purchasing your solution. Watch as Kay answers the nine tests for an inspiring B2B brand and describes her approach to brand positioning.


Customers and prospects sometimes have a hard time articulating their problems and understanding the real cost of the status quo. To grow revenues faster than the market and competitors, you need to help them think through their issues, quantify their pain, evaluate their options and select your solution. Without proper positioning and compelling messaging, buyers will not act and you will not grow.


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During the interview, Kay will answer these nine questions that test whether your brand positioning inspires prospects:


  • What is the “big problem” your company solves?
  • What market drivers are causing this problem and how is it getting worse?
  • How does this problem frustrate customers and prospects?
  • Describe the “status quo” situation your customers and prospects find themselves in when not using your products?
  • What is the opportunity you provide your customers and prospects as a result of solving this problem?
  • What is the cost of “doing nothing” for your customers if they decide to not fix the problem?
  • What other options do your customers and prospects have to solve this problem?
  • For each alternative, please describe how they fail to solve this problem?
  • For each alternative, please describe how you succeed in solving this big problem better than the alternatives?


To achieve revenue growth faster than the market, marketing leaders must help shape how their buyers think. They must help them evaluate their issues, quantify their pain, evaluate options and select a solution. Kay offers her insights as we discuss branding positioning and messaging.


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