Building Inside Sales for Growth


In a recent post, I discussed 5 reasons sales leaders should consider inside sales. This post is for sales leaders looking for further education on inside sales. 


Perhaps this is a strategy worth consideration to help make the number. Or, maybe the current inside sales team isn’t attaining its goals.


Here is a 30 minute webcast called Building Inside Sales for Growth. It provides 9 tips for building a successful inside sales force.


The Advantages of Inside Sales

Deploying inside sales in a B2B sales environment is a best practice. Modern technology decreases the need for a rep to be “in the room” selling. Companies that do not leverage some form of inside sales are now outliers. There are too many advantages, such as:


  • Higher productivity and/or lower cost per sales head
  • Easy reach across states, time zones, even countries
  • Speed
  • Agility


Here are a four learning opportunities from the webcast:


  1. Minute 0:47 – How the changing buyer landscape is increasing the need for inside sales. In other words, why a sales leader might consider this in the first place.
  2. Minute 2:37 – 3 customer examples of the broad applicability of inside sales, regardless of industry type.
  3. Minute 4:59 – Job growth stats on inside sales hires, indicating this is not a trend.
  4. Minute 5:48 – How inside sales can drive down customer acquisition cost (“CAC”). How sales organizations are aligning sales resources based on these costs.


Exploring Your Options

A critical strategy decision is determining how inside sales should be organized. The webcast discusses several organizational models you might consider. Here are 5 tips worth reviewing:


5.  Minute 7:33 – An introduction to 6 potential organization models for consideration. A description of potential models with examples for each.


6.  Minute 8:00 – A review of the pros and cons of each model. Examples of how these models have become more prevalent in inside sales.


  • In a stratified organization, the line between inside sales and outside sales has moved. Inside sales can now sell significantly larger deals than they used to. As a result, companies are increasing headcount here to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Examples like this are provided for each org model.


7.  Minute 17:42 – Learn why a hybrid approach is deadly for inside sales organizations.


8.  Minute 18:37 – Understand how to determine the right inside sales model. 3 phases to implement a world class inside sales team.


9.  Minute 21:45 – An extensive Q&A with the webcast participants. Thinking through inside sales raises many new questions. This portion of the webcast answers several of them.


Winning with Inside Sales

When done correctly, inside sales is an incredibly powerful revenue generator. Many sales leaders give up if a first attempt is not successful. This is a mistake.


Buyers continue to evolve, requiring fewer, shorter and more immediate interactions with sales reps. The presence of inside sales will continue to grow in order to serve these needs. Take advantage of this webcast to learn more about making inside sales a success.




Ryan Tognazzini

Works closely with B2B companies to solve strategic business problems so that they will make their number.
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Ryan joined SBI in 2010 as a Senior Consultant. Since then, he has worked extensively with emerging growth technology companies, including SaaS, enterprise software, systems integrators and OEMs. Additionally, Ryan works alongside numerous private equity investors, performing both sales and marketing due diligence and organic growth initiatives inside their portfolio companies.


Among a long list of accomplishments, he developed and implemented a sales and marketing strategy that resulted in the turnaround of a $1B IT integration clients. He executed organic growth initiatives to help a $100M software company achieve 40%+ year-over-year growth in preparation for an IPO. And he worked with a $1B enterprise software client to transform their sales and marketing go-to-market strategy for their cloud and SaaS offerings. Not surprisingly, in 2014 he was voted SBI Employee of the Year by his peers.


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