As a Chief Marketing Officer, what does Customer Success have to do with you? Much more than meets the eye. To reach your revenue growth targets, your success is interdependent. Let’s examine some of the key areas where you need to interlock with Customer Success. 


  • First and foremost, you need a common view of the markets you compete in across the enterprise. Likely, this is already coordinated with corporate strategy, product, marketing, and sales. 


  • It is also important to perform customer segmentation. You likely already do this for the prospect universe, but the same care must be applied to your existing accounts. You must of course, consider Propensity to Buy, but you will also want to consider Propensity to Churn, in other words, what factors indicate that a customer is at risk of actively canceling their contract and/or reducing the amount they purchase. This effort helps prioritize which accounts to pursue, and will help drive marketing campaigns to the most appropriate accounts. 


  • Buyer Segmentation (personas and buyer process maps) are a best practice, and frequently used for new logo acquisition. Your Customer Success team will use buyer, influencer, and user personas to better engage , and deliver value to your customers. 


  • Account Based Marketing – While much of the literature here focuses on new account acquisition, this can also be a powerful tool where you have “white space” for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities inside accounts. 


  • Content Marketing – There are two main purposes for this content in a Customer Success context: 


    • Perform value communication at scale. Make it easy for your buyers, influencers, and users of different sizes to easily understand, and communicate to their buying decision team the value of your solution. 


    • Avoid the “I didn’t know you did that” when your team has earned the right to have an expansion conversation 


    • Because industry experience is valued by buyers and influencers, you may have a good source of content among your customer success managers 


  • An emerging best practice is a “Customer Development Representative.” This role is focused on identifying success stories that can be leveraged inside your current accounts. While you may be interested in using these as marketing tools, the primary purpose is to secure that renewal. Think of the investment an individual made. They will have to come back and justify ROI. The easier you can make this for your customers, the higher your likelihood of renewal and expansion. 


Aligning your efforts in these areas will generate higher ROI than operating in a vacuum. If you would like to download our functional interlock template, please click here: This tool will help you interlock across several functions. 


You may also find value in our Revenue Growth Diagnostic tool. Complete it for Marketing, and encourage your Sales, Product, and Customer Success peers to do the same. This can help you identify the key areas of interlock for your company.


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