Is your company strategically aligned? One way to tell is to pinpoint where your company falls on the Revenue Growth Maturity Model. Listen here, as my colleague Dan Perry and I, explain how to determine your organization’s level of strategic alignment using this tool. We will help your strategy planning by explaining this model, how to plot your company, and the value to your organization of improving your position.


During the show we will discuss topics like:


  • The definition and benefits of strategic alignment.
  • Why your position on the model effects both customer acquisition cost, and customer lifetime value.
  • The definition of each of the five levels of the Revenue Growth Maturity Model.
  • How to plot, and then improve, your organization’s position on the model.
  • Why you care about your both your level of maturity, and level of alignment.


You need to hit your revenue growth objectives. Understanding how aligned your organizations is, and the effects of this alignment, is key to your growth strategy. Listen here as we define the Revenue Growth Maturity Model. We’ll share some hard evidence as to why you should care, and the impact you can make by improving your position. It will help you understand whether or not your company is on track to make their number.


Eric Estrella

Helps clients grow by creating innovative go-to-market strategies.

Eric specializes in helping clients solve some of the most prevalent go-to-market problems in today’s complex selling world. He is an expert in many industries including software, telecommunications, ecommerce, manufacturing and technology. He helps them align strategies and develop go-to-market programs to lower the cost of customer acquisition and increase customer lifetime value.


Recently he developed corporate, product, marketing and sales strategies for an emerging telecommunications solution provider that resulted in a quadrupling of revenue and EBITA in two-year span.


Eric’s background in strategy, sales operations and enablement allows him to provide thought-leadership in emerging best practices in sales and marketing.

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