sales approach 2014 They struggle to close deals.  Excuses come from every direction.  Your sales leaders will frantically try every trick in the book.  The victims here are your potential customers who have to deal with a barrage of sales tactics.  These efforts are not sustainable.  There are better ways to avoid the pain of missing the number.  Best in Class sales organizations use a different approach.


In this post, we will examine best practices sales organization use to avoid this problem.  You can also download The Sales Playbook Builder.  This will help your team develop discipline and cadence needed to make the number.


Misleading Indicators

Usually sales organizations get off to a fast start.  There are several reasons why this happens. Maybe you have seen them before:


  1. Sand Bagging– Whether a rep made or missed the number; it is all about pushing sales into Q1.  They want to send a message that “this year will be different”.
  2. New Budget– Most buyers are making purchases with new budget dollars.
  3. Fresh Start- Sales Activities are higher because reps are reenergized for the New Year.
  4. How valid is a reps funnel? Are reps pumping up late stage opportunities to save their jobs?


Best Practices

Why do world-class sales teams make the number? They have a playbook. They know what makes them great and they have the discipline to execute.  Below you will find the 5 steps a world-class sales team executes flawlessly. You can also start building your playbook by downloading The Sales Playbook Builder.


sales rep playbook


  • Understand the buyer- A world-class sales force has deep knowledge of their buyers.  They internalize who they are. They understand their objectives and fears.  They also know how they make a purchasing decision.  They learn to speak the buyer’s language.  In turn, they learn to accelerate deals through the buying cycle.  This allows them to close more deals than their peers.
  • Laser focused on key accounts- World-class sales teams know where to spend their time.  Instead of chasing every opportunity, they carefully assess selling time.  They know certain verticals have a greater propensity to buy.  They have shorter sales cycles. The average deal size is higher.  They have a longer customer life value to the organization.  The result is selling time is maximized and at bats are not wasted.
  • Control their own destiny- Great teams understand they can no longer depend on other departments for success.  They create their own opportunities by using unclogged channels such as LinkedIn.  They maximize opportunities by getting warm introductions with key decision makers, inside target accounts.  Net result is opportunities that have 5 times more likelihood of closing.
  • Sales Process discipline- World Class Sales teams align their selling activities around their buyers.  They are keen to providing their buyers the right information at the right time.  The upside is less deals that end in “no decision” and great forecasting accuracy.
  • Sales Training- Great sales teams know they have to push themselves to improve.  Yesterday’s efforts are a sure recipe for extinction.  They keep their ears to the ground about their buyers, accounts, competition, and industry.  They sharpen their sales skills to meet today’s buyer and outperform their competition.  This happens weekly in a team setting.


Sustainable sales do not occur by accident.  Successful sales teams use the sales playbook and execute. While this may seem obvious to some, many organizations do not place enough emphasis on it. In addition, they lack the coaching and reinforcement.  The best sales organizations treat the playbook as the most important tool to success.  Without it, your team runs the risk of missing the number again.


The Sales Playbook Builder



Andrew Urteaga

Helps motivate clients to design and implement new sales and marketing strategies so that they stay on track to make their number.

Clients describe Andrew as an industry thought leader. He has deep experience as an executive, having served in multiple positions as a sales leader, with a track record of outstanding performance in F500 companies.


Prior to joining SBI, Andrew held the position of VP of Sales at Avis Budget Group where he was responsible for sales and marketing leadership. He also held a variety of positions with Cintas Corporation, a Fortune 500 multi-national company, including key quota carrying positions in the sales force from sales rep through to executive leadership.


Andrew’s work has included everything from lead generation, campaign planning and sales process to designing complete sales management coaching programs and new compensation plans.

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