Strategic alignment is the gold standard in execution that delivers revenue growth consistently. Imagine being able to hit your number quarter after quarter, year after year. On our show, Matt Sharrers, Partner at SBI, and I discuss strategic alignment, from design to implementation. We will help guide your business strategy to ensure you have alignment across the organization. Why is this important? Because this is what the top 10% of companies are doing differently. This is what allows them to make their number consistently, day in and day out.


We’ll start the show by discussing the four lenses we use to understand and approach strategic alignment. We’ll then point out the pitfalls for functional leaders and strategy planning when alignment is missing. What can, and will, go wrong? Additionally, we’ll give you an operating cadence you can implement immediately. With this, we’ll present insight into how the top organizations not only get in alignment, but also stay that way.


Throughout the episode, we’ll also hear from other sales and marketing leaders. We’ll get to hear their business strategy, and views on strategic alignment. This will give you an inside look into how your peers align their functional strategies with the corporate strategy. Essentially, you’ll hear what sets them apart from the rest.


Alignment across the company’s departments must be one of your strategic goals. Because without it, you will miss your number. Watch here as we explain how some of the best sales and marketing leaders successfully execute this critical concept.