I offer you an executive summary of key takeaways from SBI’s marketing related posts. I have compiled the top 15 questions to evaluate your performance against best-in-class marketing operations. For your convenience I have referenced the blog post that dives into each best practice.


Take this opportunity to identify areas of success. Pinpoint the areas that you need to improve your Marketing Strategy for in 2013.


Answer Yes or No to these questions if you have done or have planned to do:

(Download the complete Marketing Operations Evaluation Questions Here!)


  1. marketing leadgen year in reviewI created a ProForma and have the capability to track marketing ROI on my campaigns?
  2. I successfully calculate an ROI on my Lead Generation program?
  3. I implemented (or in progress of implementing) a content marketing strategy?
  4. I have given my team the tools to write great content?
  5. I mapped the buying process of my customers?
  6. I created Buyer Personas?
  7. I created a Persona ecosystem?
  8. I adopted content marketing into direct marketing efforts?
  9. I built credibility with the sales team?
  10. I helped my legacy staff evolve?
  11. I am tracking the most important success metrics for lead generation?
  12. I have shifted investments from outbound to inbound marketing?
  13. I embraced an A/B testing culture in demand generation campaigns?
  14. I am driving leads with LinkedIn?
  15. I am leveraging Remarketing technology to recapture and convert prospective leads?


Your Marketing Performance Score:


11-15 Yes Responses:  Congratulations! You are on the cutting edge and outpacing your peers. Celebrate on New Year’s Eve, and don’t feel guilty about it at all – you earned it! Your team is primed to crush it in the New Year.


7-10:  Nice job, continue to drive hard to the finish line.  You’re on your way to marketing success and have the chance to set yourself up for a great year.


4-6:  Don’t panic yet, but you should know that you are at high risk for a low growth year. Your ability to assess and learn from your peers will determine your fate in the future. Focus on incorporating the areas of opportunity into your marketing strategy. You need change and quick wins soon.


0-3: You’re in serious trouble and need to take the bull by the horn now before it’s too late.  Schedule a face to face meeting with your CEO.  Make sure that you come prepared with an analysis that objectively evaluates the situation.  Review your learnings and what marketing strategy changes you are going to make to catch up with your peers.


How to Improve:

If you answered “No” to any of the questions above, click on the question link for in-depth information. World Class B2b Marketing requires that these areas must be addressed or improved upon. Take these best practices, apply them, and prepare for success. Download the PDF of these 15 questions + 10 bonus best practices questions here.