Speakers: Mike Walz | Josh Horstmann, SBI



SBI Principal Josh Horstmann spoke to Mike Walz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Ramsey Industries this week about sales management cadence.  If you are not familiar with Ramsey Industries they were founded in 1944 and are a manufacturer of heavy machinery based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 


Mike_Walz.jpgHere are 3 questions for you:


  1. Do you exercise?
  2. Do you have a commute to/from work?
  3. Do you wait in the security line at the airport?


If you answer yes to any of these than you should be listening to podcasts.  This “dead“ time can be turned into self-development time.  Check out SBI’s podcast channel here.  Each week we interview someone like you about how they are “making the number.“  You can learn something in under 20 minutes.


This week, Mike explains to us how he:


  • Organizes 3 sales teams: 1- a geography sales team, 2- an end market sales team, 3- a OEM sales team.
  • Has standardized weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual operating reviews.
  • Allocates the time of his sales teams.


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