A famous Peter Drucker quote is “There is nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency something that should not be done at all.” Yet this is the fate of many companies.


Take a Look at the Figure Below:



The four quadrants outline the relationship between the two. A brilliant plan that is executed poorly will allow a company to survive. The worst scenario is a poor plan that is executed inefficiently. This will produce the effect of dying slowly.


Execute with Great Efficiency. This will ensure one of two predictable outcomes. You will die quickly or thrive. The difference is having an effective plan.


The Best Position


The best position to place yourself in is the upper right quadrant. To thrive, companies must have a brilliant plan and execute it with great efficiency. Having the right plan ensures you will succeed. Having the right plan that is executed brilliantly ensures you thrive.


Where will you be in 2016?

How it Feels to Make Your Number


It has never been more important for the product team, marketing department, and the sales organization to work together, but it’s easier said than done. Turn to page 46 to learn the prescription for developing your 2016 sales strategy, with critical inputs from product management and marketing.



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