We recently examined the topics of strategy and strategic alignment on our podcast. I moderate a discussion with Mike Drapeau, Partner at SBI and Kevin Avery, Senior Consultant at SBI. Click here to listen to what they have to say as we dive into this issue. Mike and Kevin make the case that strategy can be practical, and impactful.


During the episode, Mike and Kevin discuss:


  • How to make sure your strategy makes an impact on the field.
  • Why strategic alignment is critical for success.
  • How functional leaders can develop their aligned strategies.


Mike and Kevin use SBI’s recently released workbook, “How to Make Your Number in 2016” to guide their discussion. If after the episode, you want a copy of the workbook, we’ll let you know how to get one.


Mike and Kevin will make the case that good strategy is essential, and something a leadership team can collaborate on. They will provide evidence for how increasingly rare it is that functional leaders can succeed without support from the other functions. And they will discuss why strategic alignment presents the best and only way to systematize revenue growth. Click here to listen to Mike and Kevin’s insight.



Christina Dieckmeyer

Helps SBI and their clients make their number.
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Christina has been with SBI since 2009. She is an experienced marketing leader focused on helping SBI and their clients make their number. Christina is responsible for executing the operating plan for SBI’s marketing department by allocating resources efficiently to drive revenue. She drives the execution of SBI’s marketing strategy by building demand for our services, aligning with SBI’s corporate strategy and setting the sales strategy up for success.

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