Chethan Sharma, SBI Senior Managing Director and CEO Practice Lead, joins us to share what market-leading CEOs do differently for the 2021 revenue plan.

Over the past several months, SBI’s latest research has unpacked how market-leading CEOs have responded to market disruption and how they approach planning for 2021. Those identified as “Accelerators” have not only managed to thrive in the face of adversity but remain vigilant in aligning their revenue growth strategy with their corporate strategy.


On today’s show, Chethan Sharma, Senior Managing Director and CEO Practice Leader at SBI, joins us to share key constructs that market-leading CEOs are using to build the 2021 plan.


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Revenue Planning From Market Leading CEOs


  1. How CEOs vary in their response to the crisis. minute 2:07
  2. Accelerating trends to consider for 2021 planning. minute 10:09
  3. How market accelerators leverage a Revenue Growth Office. minute 16:22


Skip to minute 5:35 to hear Chethan discuss how CEOs should be thinking through their big bets for next year:


“CEOs have always been placing bets… they’ve been placing bets all their lives and careers. But I think what’s changed now is the belief that you have in the marketplace before you place a bet…So that belief is probably one of the most important things, and that needs to be developed with a team. So most CEOs do bottoms-up thinking around, ‘Hey, what is it that we believe in?’”


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