Organizations must have a strategic sales operations team in order to hit their revenue growth objectives. Ultimately, the sales ops strategy must increase the sales team’s ability to do their jobs well. We recently spoke with Steve Rutledge, the SVP of global sales ops and enablement at Genesys. Genesys is the leader in customer service and contact center management software. Watch here as Steve discusses how to develop and execute a sales ops strategy.


In the first segment, Steve will explain how to determine the objectives of the sales ops team. He will discuss the internal processes he uses, such as win loss analysis, to drive data based decision making by key executives. Additionally, he will lay out the biggest obstacles faced by sales ops leaders. And how to avoid becoming the “catch all” department for the organization.


In the second segment, we tackle 3 subjects dear to every sales ops leader’s hearts: analytics, data and technology. Steve will explain how he has taken his team from descriptive analytics, all the way to predictive analytics. He will also share with our audience the technology stack his team uses to make the sales team more efficient.


We will wrap up the show by taking a look back at what Steve has learned along the way. He will give 3 steps new sales ops leaders can take immediately in order to effectively develop and execute a sales operations strategy.


At the end of the day, sales ops is a key piece to your overall sales strategy. Yet, too often, there is not a clearly defined strategy behind the team. Watch here as Steve describes how he has taken his team from tactical to strategic through his sales ops strategy. It has allowed sales operations to continually drive revenue growth through insights, data, and processes.