Speakers: John Suh | , SBI



The way a CEO’s strategy gets executed is through the actions of the sales team. If the sales team is not driving the CEO’s strategy into every customer interaction, it will not deliver the desired results. Listen as we discuss how to drive the execution of your corporate strategy with John Suh. John is the CEO of LegalZoom, a company reshaping the legal industry by offering convenient and affordable legal solutions. John has been with LegalZoom for 11 years, and was previously the CEO at StudioDirect and Casting Group.


During the interview, John will address topics such as:


  • How to define your organization’s mission, vision, and brand.
  • How to develop your sales plan to hit your revenue goal.
  • How to understand which sales organizational model is best.
  • How to ensure the sales team can articulate your corporate strategy.
  • How to tie your sales objectives to the company’s objectives.
  • How to ensure your sales team communicates your brand promise in every interaction.


Most CEOs have well developed corporate strategies. However, a strategy that does not get executed will result in missing your number. And the sales team is the critical link. Listen as John explains how his sales team drives the execution of his corporate strategy. Only when your corporate and sales strategies are in strategic alignment will you hit your revenue growth objectives.