How is this story related to sales strategy?  Three reasons.


1- CEO’s who believe that sales force effectiveness is a source of sustained competitve advantage create more value for their share holders, employees, and customers than those who do not.  Terremark’s CEO, Manny Medina, was interviewed for an ebook I wrote titled, The CEO’s Guide to Getting More Out of the Sales Force.  In it you will see how Manny’s approach to supporting his sales team is very unique. To generate $1.4 billion in value, one must be unique.


2- Barry Field, Terremark’s SVP of Commercial Sales, when benchmarked against his peers, had one of the highest field satisfaction scores we have ever seen. His people love him. What is amazing about this is that he runs a high accountability environment whereby if a rep misses his targets it can get uncomfortable. Barry is an example for other sales leaders to follow. One can hold people accountable, implement benchmarked best practices, deliver outstanding results, serve customers well, and do so in a way that treats the field with respect.


3- Sales strategy requires outstanding execution support from the sales operations group.  Scott Thomas, the leader of sales ops at Terremark, @scottieat is one of the best sales ops leaders we have benchmarked. For those of you without sales ops teams, or with underfunded sales ops teams, consider adding to this discipline for, as we see here at Terremark, it delivers great results. If you are interested in doing so reach out to @pauljturner99. Paul runs a sales ops LinkedIn group that has an impressive list of members.


Congrats to all of our friends at Terremark. You deserve this recognition of your hard work and the Verizon customers are lucky to have you as a provider.