Are you utilizing your value proposition correctly? All companies have a value proposition, but few use it the right way. Listen as my colleague, Ryan Tognazzi, and I discuss what a value proposition is and how to use it effectively. We will help you ensure that your value proposition aligns across all functions in order to successfully hit your revenue growth objectives.


During the show we will:


  • Define a value proposition and its purpose
  • List and explain the steps to market research: market segmentation, account segmentation, buyer segmentation and user segmentation.
  • Examine each segment to your advantage and provide our audience with classic, relatable scenarios to guide you through market research.


We’ll wrap up the show by highlighting key takeaways to help you implement market research, and your value proposition. Listen to understand why a lack of comprehensive market research can cause a poor or missing value proposition. And why that can be detrimental to your revenue growth goals. If after listening, you need more help, download our workbook, How to Make Your Number in 2017. It is your guide to making your number in a reliable, predictable and hassle-free way.


Scott Gruher

Orchestrates and designs the perfect project strategy, one engagement at a time, to ensure that every SBI client makes their number.

Scott joined SBI in 2010 with years of hands-on experience in sales leadership and enterprise selling. Since his arrival, he has helped dozens of organizations dramatically accelerate growth, from Fortune 10 organizations like Phillips 66 to fast-growing cloud service organizations like InfusionSoft. Scott specializes in cross-functional alignment. He helps leaders align around the growth goal and design the right processes to bring the strategy to life. His unique combination of real world experience and a pragmatic approach to problem solving have made him one of SBI’s most demanded resources.

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