Jedd Williams, Vice President of Global Sales Acceleration at Poly, discusses how he has adjusted the business model to fit market demands.

In the world of a sales enablement leader, the primary goal is to keep the sales team efficient and effective. How that goal gets accomplished occurs with consistent resegmenting of the customer base, cleansing the pipeline, and accurately forecasting changes and opportunities in the market. Market leaders know that these actions were important even prior to the last 30 days and are critical now.


Jedd Williams, Vice President of Global Sales Acceleration at Poly, was in the midst of a transformation when COVID-19 shifted the sales strategy and operating norms. Hear Jedd discuss:


  • Why resegmentation was the first step in adjusting go-to-market strategy
  • How the forecasting process has changed and its effect on product build schedules
  • Covering the install base by considering propensity to buy and propensity to upgrade


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Updating Business Operations Amid Market Disruption


  1. Resegmenting for the right coverage models. minute 5:33
  2. Resetting the number to accommodate the market conditions. minute 8:24
  3. Adjusting to the long-term effects of COVID-19. minute 11:30
  4. How the pipeline and forecasting have changed for Poly. minute 17:57


Skip to minute 14:58 to hear Jedd discuss how he manages the install base in shifting economic conditions:


“We’re an indirect go-to-market organization, so that ecosystem is the lifeblood of our business. I talk to dozens of partners every day because it is so critical to our business, and it’s really interesting. The partners of size and magnitude are starting to have conversations about accounts receivable and how can we as an industry, as an ecosystem, think about a shared balance sheet and shared responsibility, particularly where we’ve got shared customers and in industries that have been particularly hard hit by COVID, hospitality being one of them.”



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