Al Crews new sales consultant to our firmPart of our firm’s ability to solve complex sales problems can be attributed to our hiring model.  We only hire former heads of sales into the role of Principal, which is the role that is responsible for leading our client engagements. Our firm’s philosophy is that generalist career consultants do not have the in the trenches scar tissue needed to solve difficult sales challenges.  True sales expertise cannot come only from teaching, writing, or training.  It has to include many years of working as a practioner.


Al’s decision to join our sales consulting firm represents an opportunity for our clients to tap into his expertise, which includes:


  • Sales Management – Al has hired, trained, and made productive hundreds of sales managers at companies known for their exceptional sales management approach such as VERITAS, Sun Microsystems, and Symantec.
  • Sales Methodology – during Al’s 25 years leading sales forces he has implemented Solution Selling, SPIN Selling, Target Account Selling, and Strategic Selling. His mastery of how to get the field to adopt a standard sales methodology was developed because he has done it many times.
  • Talent Management – as a former client of our sales consulting firm, Al has implemented SBI’s Talent Management process and can help others find, select and on board A player sales talent fast.
  • Key Account Management – Al’s sales leadership position at Oracle taught him how to cross sell and up sell elephants, the few accounts that can make or break a year.


Regular readers of this blog will be pleased to know that Al will soon be added to our roster of authors.  He will be sharing with you what he has learned about the problems you are dealing with every day.


If you would like to know more about Al, his LI profile can be found here.  This is hot off the presses so we have not had the time to put up his official bio page just yet. Stay tuned.


Al’s dance card will be filling up quickly.  However, there is a window of opportunity to secure some of his time. If you are dealing with a tricky sales challenge and would like an objective opinion, you can reach us at 888-556-7338. Al might have the answer you have been searching for.  Our sales consulting firm is here to help.


Welcome Al.



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