Content is king, and has been for a while. This means your content marketing strategy is a critical piece to your company’s overall strategy. My colleague, Andrew Urteaga, and I recently reviewed a blog on this topic. Watch here as we review, “3 Steps to Maximize B2B Content Creation Resources,” written by Heidi Cohen. We will explore why marketers need to be strategic in use of their resources for content production.


In our first segment, we begin by defining and explaining marketing strategy. We will walk our audience through the five steps for defining the right strategy for your marketing team. We will also explain where content production fits into your overall marketing strategy.


In our second segment, we’ll review the content production trends that Heidi touches upon in her blog. Additionally, we’ll explore the importance of strategic alignment. We will apply the concept to your content strategy. And we’ll explain in detail why it’s critical to hitting your revenue growth objectives.


We will end the show by exploring some of Heidi’s tips to building an efficient content strategy. Watch here as we review Heidi’s blog. We will build on her concepts, and give our audience practical advice to implement immediately. These insights will result in a more effective, successful content marketing strategy.