Your corporate strategy carries a lot of weight. It sets the direction for the entire organization, especially the sales and marketing teams. My colleague, John Staples, Partner at SBI, and I recently spoke with Jim Schleckser about developing corporate strategies. Jim is the CEO of the Inc. CEO Project, a coaching and peer advisory organization for high performing CEOs. Listen as Jim explains the importance of developing a solid corporate strategy.


Jim’s company specializes in issues that fast growth firms experience. They work with over 100 CEOs to identify, and eliminate obstacles that stand in the way of making their number. And he has over 30 years of experience leading global organizations. Jim’s ability to lead as CEO, as well as having worked with many other CEOs, makes him uniquely qualified. During the show, Jim will discuss topics such as:


  • Jim’s approach to business strategy development and execution.
  • The 3 types of competitive differentiation.
  • How CEO’s should surface their unique advantage in the marketplace.
  • How company leaders can avoid suffering from false or unsustainable differentiation.


Ultimately, sales and marketing teams cannot make their number without direction from the CEO. As the leader of your organization, you must provide a clear company strategy that the functions can rally around. Listen as Jim provides insight into how successfully develop and execute your corporate strategy.