Speakers: Todd Doolittle | , SBI



The role of sales operations has become mission critical for many companies in the last few years. As a result, many sales ops leaders have been in the job for one year or less. SBI’s Sales and Marketing Podcast recently spoke with Todd Doolittle, the recently appointed head of sales ops at Concentra, a leader in occupational health. The topic of conversation was the challenges and opportunities faced by sales ops leaders in those critical first few months.


As Todd ramps up in his new role and responsibilities, he was able to provide valuable advice to other new sales ops leaders. During the interview, Todd will answer key questions such as:


  • As a new sales operations leader, what were your biggest struggles in the first 100 days?
  • How did you prioritize what the sales ops team should do first, and why?
  • How can sales ops leaders get a lot done with their headcount and modest budget?
  • As a sales ops leader, how do you deal with unrealistic expectations and timelines?
  • When is it ok for the sales ops team to say no, and how can you do so without taking a political hit?


Sales ops is a key piece to every organization’s sales strategy. And as a new sales ops leader, you cannot blow your honeymoon period. It is your best chance to set the tone of how the sales operations department will be viewed inside the organization. Listen to Todd’s insights on how to elevate the sales ops team from a tactical contributor to a strategic differentiator. He will explain how he helps the organization accelerate its rate of revenue growth. And he will demonstrate how he partners with his sales leader. Our audience can benefit from Todd’s experience and make the most of their new role.