You’ve got a big vision for your company. Unfortunately, you’ve also got some big problems coordinating initiative execution across the organization. You’re the face of the company and failure to execute your strategic vision can result in decreased sales.


Avoid disappointing performance by getting your people aligned across your key strategic areas.


Communicating the Key Strategic Areas

We found 78% of sales strategies simply don’t work. Every team has their own set of concerns and responsibilities to keep in mind, so they don’t always know how to properly align with your business goals.


We recommend the following methods to get your key team leaders on board:


  • Get Aligned:  Make sure that your corporate, marketing, sales, and product strategies coordinated and reinforce one another.
  • Know the Plan:  Each strategy should have a set of actions designed to achieve specific metrics and keep each team moving in sync.  Make sure your leaders are committed to executing the playbook for their area.
  • Manage:  Use daily huddles, weekly team meetings, and monthly reviews to actively manage your leaders.  Provide the coaching and accountability needed to get results.
  • Get Engaged: Promote collaboration throughout the organization.  Never miss an opportunity to share your vision.


Identifying Areas of Cross Functionality

No one exists in a vacuum, especially in larger businesses. You know how your business departments and teams interact with each other. Identify areas where different teams intersect. Your marketing and sales teams overlap in many areas, but have you considered how other departments affect each other?


If your sales team is overselling your product and manufacturing can’t keep up, your customers suffer from long wait times. Have big marketing pushes and HR doesn’t realize the department needs a break after? You have a burnt-out team on your hands. Promote collaboration between departments. The more departments work together, the easier it is to create a workflow that aligns with your vision.


How Are You Implementing Your Strategic Vision?

Your alignment issues could be as simple as how you’re implementing your vision. Ask yourself these questions:


  • Do you have the tools everyone needs to stick with strategic areas?
  • Have you identified exactly what changes each department has to make in order to align with your goals?
  • Do you have a realistic time line for your changes?


Take an objective look at your plan, especially if it’s falling flat. Work with upper management to refine the strategic vision implementation in a way that makes sense for your company.


Your objectives provide a clear pathway for each department and the company as a whole. Don’t write them down in an ambiguous list that you might end up forgetting. Create actionable strategies, projects, and tasks reflecting your strategic vision.


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